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alison masson '18 alison small alisonbell all campus luncheon allen ginsburg allen haight '84 2nd from right darker tie allison smith '17 alpha circle alpha circle of omicron delta kappa alpha kappa alpha alphacircle als alston parker watt field alum alumni alumni affairs assistant director for engagement alumni association alumni association don eavenson '73 alumni board alumni board members alumni celebration alumni chapters alumni college alumni house alumni luncheon alumni singers alumni weekend alumniaffairs alumniassociation alumniassociationpresident alumniawards alumniboard alumniboardpresident alumnichapterleaders alumnihouse alumniswimmers alumniteam alumniweekend alvin dennis ambassador american cancer society relay for life american flag americanheartassociation amphitheater amphitheatre amy barnes amy bohutinsky '97 amy dehart of shepherd consortium amy richwine amyperkins analyst anchor anderson smith '66 andrea owen '16 andrea wahlquist '95l andrealepage andrew conlon '16 andrew davis andrew levy andrew mah '18 andrew westhouse andywarhol angelasmith angie angie smith ann massie ann mccampbell '13 anna akins '17 anna crockett anna russell thornton '16 annalise thole '19 annie persons '15 anniversaries anniversary announcement annual annual fund annual latke hamentashen debate annual showcase annualfund anthonia adams '16 anthony hodges '16 anthony kreis '11l anthropology antoinette kitch 12 antonia adams '16 apg1251 apolo ohno app appalachian appalachian adventure appalachian trail appalachianadventure apple apple computer apples aprille aquarium araba wubah 17 arabcultures arabic arabic dinner archaeology argument aristotle armani smith '16 armani smith 16 armedforces army arriana nastoff 16 arsenicandoldlace art art and jazz in july art classroom art goldsmith artgoldsmith arthistory arthur goldsmith artifact artist artist liz liguori artist paul ryan artproject arts artwick ashley trefney aspen moraif '19 assembly assistant coach dominique scott assistant director of student activities kelsey goodwin assistant professor assistant professor in shepherd program assistant professor of art history assistant professor of art history elliott king assistant professor of british history assistant professor of business administration assistant professor of english chris gavaler assistant professor of english leah green assistant professor of history assistant professor of pe and head women's basketball coach assistant professor of philosophy florentine verhage assistant professor of politics assistant professor of politics seth cantey assistant professor of psychology dan johnson assistant professor of sociology lynny chin assistant professor shepherd poverty assistant university planner truman payne associate dean and professor of law at uc irvine associate dean of admissions associate dean of students associate dean of students and dean of juniors associate dean of students tammi simpson '91 associate dean of students tammy futrell associate dean of the college associate dean of the williams school associate director annual giving associate director for community based learning associate director of alumni affairs associate director of annual giving associate director of communications and public affairs associate director of communications public affairs associate director of special programs associate professor of art associate professor of biology associate professor of biology robert humston associate professor of computer science sara sprinkle associate professor of dance jenefer davies associate professor of dancetheater jenefer davies associate professor of english associate professor of french mohamed kamara associate professor of history associate professor of history ted delaney associate professor of history ted delaney '85 associate professor of journalism doug cumming associate professor of mathematics associate professor of music associate professor of philosophy melina bell associate professor of physical educations associate professor of politics tyler dickovick associate professor of sociology johnathan eastwood associate professor paul gregory associate provost associate provost elizabeth knapp '90 at roanoke college atgketucs atheltics athleteoftheyear athletes athletic department athletic director athletic director jan hathorn athletic equipment room athletic shirt athleticdirector athletics atlanta atlanta history center atrium attack attacker attacker maddy graves '19 attackman attendees attorney attorneys atudent audience auditorium audrey brady '19 audrey dangler '18 aug 20 2009 austin choi '18 austin crane '18 austin frank '17 austin pierce '15 author autumn auxiliary auxiliary services auxiliaryservices ave averett avner award awards awareness awesome ayoub azmain amin 17 b.j. bane babies baby stroller baccalaureate baccalaureate 2016 baccalaureate. anna russell thornton '16 back campus back of ken back pack back view backcampus backflip backhand backhoe backpack backpack program backpacks bagel brunch bagpipes bags bailey russell '16 baker baker hall balance baldwin project baled hay ball ballet balloons baltimore banana band bandparty baner bango banjo banner banquet barb mollica barbara barbara fredrickson barbara priddy barbara woolston barbecue barbeque barber beaumont professor of the humanities at queen mary university of london barney barousse jeanne '12 barrykolman barrymachado baseball baseball cards basket basketball basketballcourt baton batsheva dance company batter batting bbq bdg bdgquad beach balls beanbag beansbottom beau dudley beau dudley '74 beau dudley '74 '79l beau dudley '74 '79l executive director of alumni affairs beau dudley '74 79l beau dudley 74 79l beaumont beauty becca wellford '19 beckley beethoven before i die before induction belfield bell bells beltfield beltfieldgardens bench benefactor dick duchossois '44 benefactor's wall benefactorswall benefit benefits campus kitchen bennett lewis '17 bennett ross '83 bennygarvis bent bentley professor of chemistry erich uffelman berkeley harner berries beta bethany belisle '16l betty brown beuty beverly lorig big top bike bike rack bikes bill bill connelly bill hartog bill latture '49 bill mack billoliver billy chase billy davis '16 binh danh biochemistry biography biological anthropologist biology birds birds of prey birkbeck college london birthday celebration birthdayparty black dresses black tie blackandwhiteball blackboard blacklawstudentsassociation blair dewing '17 blanket blood blood drive blooddrive bloom blooms blossoms blue bike blue bikes blue checks table cloths blue mountains blue phoenix cafe blue ridge blue sky bakery blue tee bluebikes bluegrass bluegrass ensemble bluelab bluelabbrewery blueridge blues brothers bo hughes board board of directors of the alumni association board of trustees board of trustees meeting board of trustees rector don childress '70 board of trustees rector don childress 70 board secretary jim farrar '74 boardmeeting boardroom boardsdinner boatwright room bob bob danforth bob goodlatte '77l bob mankoff bob priddy '67 bob schieffer bob strong bob woodward '71 bobby horton bobdemaria bobstrong boetsch bold boller bond bonding bondkyle bonner program bonnerscholars book book bag book nook book shelves bookback booknook books booksale booksigning bookstore boots bostonmarathon both trustees bow tie bowdenchrista bowl bowtie bowties boxlunch boy bradonishi brainstorming brandyn churchill '14 brant hellwig brant j. hellwig brant j. jellwig break breakfast breastcancer breaststroke bren flanagan '16 brett brewmaster brian brian murchison brian richardson brian richardson emeritus brianna osaseri '19 brianrichardson brick bricklayers bricks brics bridge bridgewater brisbane brodie gregory '03 brooke donnelly '17 brooke hessney assistant director of admissions brooks batcheller brooks batcheller '04 brown bag lunch brownbaglunch brownsburg brownsburg history brownsburgroad bruce bruce young '82 right brunch brushy hill buck armstrong '16 budding buddy atkins buddy atkins '68 budget budrobertson buds buffalo creek buffalocreek buffet bugle build building building interiors buildings buildings street bulldozer bullyiing bullying bumablaise burr burr datz burr datz '75 burrdatz business business offices business plan competition businessplancompetition butler butterfly buyer buying by drew klutz byron acohido cabaret cabin cadaver cadaver bridge cadaverbridge cadet cadets caesar's will cafe cafe '77 cafe77 café cake calculator calculators caldwell __ calendar calendar shot california california club calyx came hat camera cameraman cameras camp camp fire campaign campaign cabinet campaign celebration campaign co chair campaigncabinet campfire camping campus campus beauty campus fall campus gardens campus kitchen campus utility supervisor lucy raney campus_fall campusbeauty campuskitchen campusrec canaan candle candlelight service candlelight service of lessons and carols candlelight vigil candles candy cannan cannan green cannangreen cannon green cap capital campaign cappa woodward p '06 caps caps in air capstone capstone project captain captains cardgames career career development career services careerdevelopment careers careers in fundraising careerservices carl carl bernstein carlsonrenata carly taglienti '16 carnival carol donnelly o'kelley '91 carole bailey carolyn goolsby carpenter carpenter henry alderman carpet carrel carrie carrie finch carrots cars cassie hunt 01 cassie ritter hunt '01 casual catch catching catholic catwoman cbs affiliate cbs journalist cbsnews cdc celebrating celebrating calligraphy of aida mitsuo celebration celebrationofsoul celebratory celebrity celia clark cell phone cement truck center center for global learning center for poetic research center for the global legal profession centerforgloballearning ceremony chad feeley '19 chair chairs chairwoman of the democratic national committee chalk board chalkboard chalkboards chamber orchestra chamber singers chambersingers champion championship chapel chapter chapter leader chapter leader hat chapterpresident charity charles charles s. rowe professor of law charles s. rowe professor of law brian murchison charles winder charlie gummey '63 charlie nelson '17 charlie prioleau '82 charlie tomm '68 '75l charliebrown charlotte chat chathamcountyline chatting chavis chavis board room chavis room check cheech cheer cheering cheerleaders cheerleading cheese cheeselouise chef chel samuels '15 chelsea gloeckner 12 chemistry chemisty cherry tree chess chess board chi omega chili cookoff chi psi lodge chicago chief operating officer chief technology officer child childhood children childress china chinapolicyprogram chinese chip nunley '81 choral choral activities choral concert choral groups chorus chosoobin chowsoon chuang ju chris browning '11 chris dyson '00 chris gammon '81 chris wise chrisconnors christa bowen christa kreeger bowden christian batcheller '00 christian zane's '16 christina tacoronti '16l christine baluster '11 christmas christmas sweater christmas tree christmas wreathes christmas wreaths christmascarols christmaslights christmastree christmastrees church church hill downs cigarettes cincinnati professor of chemistry citizenship citycouncil civil rights civil war civilprocedures ckwl claire leonard '16l clarence thomas clarinet class class agents class members class of '76 class of '81 class of '91 class of 1064 class of 1960 professor of ethics and politics class of 1960 professor of politics lucas morel class of 1962 class of 1966 class of 1971 class of 1976 class of 1981 class of 1990 class of 2014 class of 2015 class of 2015 16 class of 2016 class of 2019 class on front lawn class photo class room class shirt class shot classes classic classics classmates classof2015 classpicture classroom classroom 201 classrooms claudetteartwick claudia rankine clay mclean '11 clayton murtha '18 cleaning cleaning chairs clerkships cliff climate clock closed closingconference clothes from home clothing clouds cloudy club clubs cnn co president coach coach bryan snyder '95 coach mike coach wendy orrison coaches coat of arms coat peg cochair cochairs cody solomon coffee coffee break coffee cup coffee house coffeetruck cohen cohen amphitheater cohenamphitheater col. wade bell of vmi's biology department cold cole whitmore colin wallace '17 colin whitmore colleagues collections collections assistant bridget pumm college collierstown road collonnade colonnade colonnade in glasses colonnade. kente color color block columbiacollegechicago column columnist columns combined comedyoferrors commemorating commencement commencement 2012 commencement 2014 commencement 2015 commission commissioning common ground commons commons living room community communitydiscussion company competes competition computer computer science computerlab computers computerscience con conan zhao '16 conartist concentration concert conclusion concrete forms conducting conductor conducts cones conference conference table congressional hispanic caucus institute public policy conference congressman congressman bob goodlatte 77l conley hurst connelly conner constitution day constitutionday construction construction workers constructions consult consultant consultant bruce mcclintock consulting contact contact speaker contemplation convention convocation convocation2013 convocations conwaycup cook cookies cooking cooking class copyright matthew tauten coralie chu '18 corcoran dance corn hole cornelius creek shelter corp. corporate cory costume costumes couch council counseling counselor country county couple court court room courtroom courtyard cowboyboots cows craft beers crawford family dean of the williams school and professor crawford family dean of the williams school and professor robert d. rob straughan crawford family dean of the williams school rob straughan crawford family dean of williams school crawford family dean of williams school and professor creamware crease creative writing crest crew cristine clancy critic cross crosscountry crowd crowd shot culture cumming cupcakes cupolas of gaines hall current current students custodian customers cvent cyde edgerton cynthia hintze cyrusmccormic cyrusmccormick cytwombly d.c. dad daffodils dale jamieson professor of environmental studies and philosophy at nyu dali quartet dallas hagewood wilt '90 dalton greenwood '17 damage dan evans visiting professor of law dan newell dance dance a thon dance company dance moves dance program dancecompany dancers 10th anniversary dancerscreate dancing dancing with professors dancing with the professors danial wubah daniel james brown daniel sharfstein daniel wubah danielle allen danielwubah danjohnson darkroom datablacklisting datacenter dateline dates datz daughter daughter's doris and helen daughters dave head '66 dave lehman '99 dave leonard dave marchese '66 david david arthur david bello david brooks david collins david copher '66 david e. johnson david eckardt '86 david hanson '00 david johnston '91 david lehman '99 david millon david novack david partlett david peterson david saacke david van geluwe '18 davidbello davidharbor davidnovack davidpeterson davidson davies davis davis hall davis turner '18 davismootcourtcompetition dawn watkins dayo dayoabah dc de de stress dean dean dave leonard dean emeritus dean of college dean of law school dean of students dean of the college dean of the college hank dobin dean of the college thomas broads pressor of english dean of the law school dean of the school of law dean of the williams school dean of the williams school rob straughan dean tammy futrell deans death penalty activist debate debbie stovall deborah deborah miranda deborah missal deborahmiranda decor decorating decoration decorations dedication dedication of larry and fran peppers room dedication steinheimer foyer deedee aeschliman '19 deepinthought defeat defender defending the crease defense defenseman defenseman kyle gifford '18 delaney deliveries delivery delos hughes delta demaria demleitner demo democrats demolition demonstration demoriya phillips '19 denise watts denison dennis dennis cross dennis manning denny garvis department department of music and department of theater dance and film studies department of music and the department of theater dance and film studies departments describing a tragic event they all covered design desk desks destruction developing development development coordinator devin kearns '19 dew dick dick duchossois '44 dick sessoms dicksessoms diein diette dig digging digital digital content and social media strategist jamie goodin '10 digital engagement manager digital media producer jim goodwin digitalhumanities digitalmedia dillon stansfield '16 dining dining services dininghall diningservices dinner diploma diplomas director director communications public affairs director lee chapel director lenfest center director nate leath director nate leath at left director of advancement operations director of africana studies director of africana studies at lehigh university director of athletics and professor jan hathorn director of capital projects director of career development and associate dean of students director of choral activities director of health promotion jan kaufman director of international education director of network and telecommunications director of public safety ethan kipnes director of shepherd program director of shepherd programassistant professor shepherd poverty howard pickett director of special collections director of special collections for leyburn library director of special events director of special programs director of special programs rob fure director of student activities director of student healthcounseling jane horton director publications discussion discussion of a dr. king speech discussions display distinguished alumni award distinguished alumni award winners distinguished alumni awards distinguishedalumni distinguishedprofessor dittman diversity diversity symposium dna dobin dog dogs dogwood dogwoods dogwoods blooming dominca domnica don childress '70 don childress '70 rector board of trustees donaldgaylord donate donations donna brazile donning of the kente cloth donors dontshrink door doors doremus doremus gym doremus lawn doris dorms doron raz doubt doug doug barnard '60 doug cumming's magazine class doug fuge '77 doug harwood '74 dougcumming downtown dr. awol allo dr. bill mccorkle dr. james peterson dr. lewis bernard '74 dr. marin luther king jr dr. martin luther king jr dr. martin luther king jr week dr. martin luther king jr. birthday celebration dr. martin luther king jr. reflections dinner dr. martin luther king jr. week dr. martin luther king jr. week keynote dr. michael eric dyson dr. sandra hasink dr. tom goodale drag dragon drama drawing dress drew klutz drew martin '13 dribbling driniks drinks drive drone drones drywall du duke duke university duncan maxwell '18 duo dupont dupont hall duponthall dusk dusting dwight emanuelson '84 in light blue tie earbuds earlyfielding earphones easel east asian languages east asian languages chair honcho fu east asian languages department head janet ikea east washington street eastasianlanguages eastern mennonite eastwood ec ec president ec president mason grist '18 ec president wilson miller '17 ecafe economics economics department economicspresentation ecpresident ed ed kibler ed spencer '53 ed wasserman edible books edith editor eduardo eduardo velasquez edward adams edward corcoran '16 edwasserman egg drop egg nog eggs eileen small '15 eithcs elaine waxman election electrician electronically immortalized electronicmusicensemble electronics elephant elise hansen '13 elizabeth boetsch elizabeth knapp elizabeth knapp '90. lexington city manager emeritus jon ellestad elizabeth mugo '19 elizabeth oliver elizabeth outland branner elizabethdenne elizabetholiver ellen ellen manock the ernest williams ii professor of romance languages ellen shapira ellie aburn '19 ellie stoops '14 elliot emadian '17 elliot emadian '17 and elliotking elliott emadian '17 elmes eloise priest southward '02 elrod elrod commons elrod commons living room elrod commons outside elrodcommons elrodfellowship embrace emeritus emerituslhsiungju emily cook emily danzig '16 emily floyd emily lowry emily perszyk '18 emma redding '18 emma swabb '16 emma swabb 16 emory emory university employee employee recognition banquet employeerecognition employees employment energy energyeducation engaged engagement engineering engineerswithoutborders english ensemble enterprisefoundation entertainer entertainment entrance entrepreneurship entrepreneurship summit entrepreneurshipsummit entries envelopes environmental studies environmental writing environmental writing class environmentalstudies ep cd episcopal church equality gala equestrian equipment equipment assistant eric eric gehman 13 eric owsley eric white '74 erich uffelman erichuffelman erika proko hamilton '03 erod commons escape ethics ethiopia getachew '19 etiquette evaluations evans evans dining hall evans hall evansdininghall evanshall event ever moving evergreen evolution and creationism exam exam envelope exam enveople exam packet exam packs exam week exams examweek excavation excellenceinteaching exchangestudent executive assistant executive committee executive director executive director of alumni affairs executive director of human resources amy barnes executive vice president of jet blue executivecommittee executivetreasurer exhibit exhibition experiment exterior extract extracurricular facade facades facepaint facepainting facilities facilities management facilitiesmanagement faculty faculty advisor faculty apartments faculty_portraits faculty_with_students facultylounge fair fairfaxlounge faith pinho '18 fall fall academy fall color fall colors fall convocation fall semester families family family shot fancy fancy dress fancy hill fancydress fancyshoes fans fantasia op. 80 farewell farm farris hotchkiss '58 fast father of lucy duet '17 fd feb break february break female females feminism fence festival festive festoonery fiancee fiberglass fiddle field field hockey fieldhockey fielding fields film filming final final edition finalcritique finale finance class finch finn barrett '17 fiona fionawatson fire fire extinguisher fire pit fireplace firesafety fireworks first aid first annual lara gass women first day first day classes first day of classes first day winter term first director of the center for international education first floor first lady kim ruscio first night first snow 2106 first time ever first year first years firstbaptistchurch firstdayofschool firstfloor firststop firstyear firstyears firsyears fist bump fitness five five star five star generals five stars fivestar fivestar2013 fivestarfestival fjoralba caka flag flage flagfootball flags flashmob flexible flip flops float floating flowering trees flowers flute flutegroup flyfishing fog foliage fontanne bostic food foodlion foodpolicy foods football football field football lights football seating footbridge for children for frank parsons '54 foreignstudyfellowship formal formal dinner former annual fund chair former dean of the wl law school former israeli knesset member former lexington mayor former provost former sigma chi house former stasi prisoner of communist east germany former washington post reporter former washington post reporter and pulitzer winner carl bernstein former wl provost former wl rector phil norwood '69 forms foundation founder founder and ceo of event management company cvent founders founders day founders' day foundersday fourth annual fran and larry peppers room fran elrod fran peppers frank bailey '66 frank parsons '54 fredericks dana '12 free spirit freeadvice freefood freestyle french french horn fresh flowers friday fridaynightlights friends friendsofthelibrary frisbee front campus front desk front lawn front view front_campus frontcampus frontlawn fruit fry jefferson map fullbrigt fun fundraising funny funrun furniture furrsmill futrell fyoc gab gabby tremo 15 gabrielle espy 13 gabrielle tremo 15 gail nicely gaines gaines hall gaineshall gairingclark gala gallery game gameday games garden gathering gatorade gavaler gavel gavin fox gay gaylord gene corrigan gene mccabe general general admission general manager generaladmission generalchair generals generals win generals' assembly generalsassembly generalsin generalswin genetics geology geopolitics george bent george goodwin '39 george huger george mason university george ray george washington george washington university georgehall georgetown georgetown university georgewashington georgewashingtonuniversity georgia georgia regents university georgiajusticeproject geraldine mccutcheon german german ta anna hoess gerry lenfest '53 '55l gerry lenfest '53 55l gertz get downtown gettysburg ghana office of diversity and inclusion ghostland observatory gift gilliam gilliam admissions house gilliam green space gilliam hall gilliamhouse girl giveday glasgow endowment glasses glbtq glennproctor glenproctor global global learning center global service house glove gloves glowsticks glynn visiting professor of business administration kip pirkle goal goalie goalie hannah wiltshire '18 goggles golden retriever goldsmith golf goodell gordon ball gordon ball visiting associate professor of english gordon spice gordonspice goredforwomen goshen governor gown gowns graceful grades graduates graduating graduating class graduation graeme weaver '16 graham graham lees graham lees hall graham lees residence hall graham spice grahamlees grandparents grandson grant grants grass grateful dead great great hall great hall of the science center great latke hamentashen debate greathall greek greek life greeklife green green container green space greenery greenhouse greensboro gregcooper gregory greyhound griffiths visiting professor in history grimace gropen groundbreaking grounds crew grounds worker groundscrew group group picture group presentation group project group shop group shot grouppciture grouppicture groupproject groupwork grunewald guatemala guest guest of honor guests guilford guitar guitars gulfregionadvocacycenter gunn guy guy h. kerr '75 guy kerr '75 guyland guys gym gymnasium h. jefferson powell habitat for humanity habitatforhumanity haiku haircut halevy haley tucker '19 halftime hall hall charlotte hall meeting hall of fame hall residents hallmeeting hallofame2013 halloffame halloffame2013 halloween hamden sydney hammock hampden sydney hand painting handoff hands hank hank humphreys hankdobin hanna hannah glick hardhat hardin marion '55 harlan harlan beckley harriet harriet stephens harrison deknight '17 harry e. and mary jane w. redenbaugh term associate professor of economics harry ford '55 harrypotter hartog commons harvard harverymarkowitz harvestdinner harvey harveymarkowitz hat hatecrimes hats hats in air hauling ball haverford hay haybales head football coach frank miriello headband header headphones headppones health health promotion healthy cooking healthy eating healthy foods co op healthyfoodscoop heart heather mario heavy seas helen helen fisher helen i'anson helen l'anson heleni'anson helmet helpers hendricks lecture in law and history hendrickslecture henri hammondpaul '12 henry alderman henry hosteler henry s. fox professor of english lesley wheeler henrysfoxjr high jump high school highfive highjump highschoolers hiking hilel hill hillanna hillel hillel director joan robins hillel director megan mclean hillel house hillel student board president sammy rosier '14 hillelhouse hinely hispanicdinner historian historian frank oreilly '87 historian harold holzer of hunter college historically correct history history 306 hitting hockey hold merchant emeritus holdmerchant holekamp hall holekamphall holes holi holiday holiday banquet holiday brunch holiday decor holiday treats holidaybreak holidaydinner holidayparade holidays hollis tardy '17 holly c. pickett holly pickett holly pickett associate professor of english holocaust holocaust remembrance day holt holt merchant holt merchant '61 home of rick jones '74 home opener homecoming homeless homelessness homemeet hon. paul h. weinstein '55 hon. samuel smith '64 hongchufu honor honor book honor system honorary degree honorary degree recipient robert c. vaughan iii '66 honorary inductees honorbook honoring goad honors honorsociety honorsystem hoods hootenanny hope bocci '19 hope cutler '16 hopkins horns horse horseback horses hose host larry boetsch '69 hosting hot hotchkiss hotchkiss alumni house hotchkiss house hotel house house mountain housemountain houses howard pickett howardpickett howe hr hr party hsudaniel huddle hug hugh sisson '76 hugs human resources humanities humanresources huntelyhall hunter charbonnet '76 huntley huntley hall huntley hall in background huntley hall reading room huntleyhall hunton and williams huong vu 16 hurdles hurry husband i have neither given ... i hsiang ju ice cream ice cream social icecream id ifc ihaveadream ihsa ihsiung ju endowment ijezie a. ikwuezunma jr. '16 ijezie ikwuezunma '16 ijezie ikwuezunma '16 and ijezie ikwuezunma jr. '16 illegally black iman messada '19 leyburn library immersionprogram imprisonment improvements in in florentine verhage's philosophy class in knight professor aly colon's journalism ethics class in prof. greg cooper's philosophy class in roanoke in shikha silwal's economics class in steakhouse theater inaguarallecture inaugural inaurallecture incoming incoming alumni association don eavenson '73 independent media executive india indiana university's school of law indoortrack inductee inductees induction information information desk information technology services ing wells '16 inga wells '16 initiates initiation initiative inner tube inscribed installation installing installs institute institute for honor instituteforhonor instituteofhonor instructor of art leigh beavers instruments insulation interception interim provost interim provost and vice president for academic affairs and the jo m. and james m. ballengee professor of english interim provost bob strong interiors international international fashion show internationaleducation internationalfashionshow interns intersectionality workshop intervies interview interviews intramurals introduction introductions investment invitational invitations iq center iq centermc iqcenter iris hu iron fence iron railing isca king isidro camacho '17 filming islam ismail slitting alaoui it director of client services its ivy j.b. stombock professor of law j.d. humphries '66 jack anderson '16 jack bovay '79 jack clarke '16 jack fader jack melhorn '16 jackie clifford '17 jackson jackson t. stephens professor of economics jacksonville james james brady '19 james caravelle james cobb james dick james hertz of vmi jamesdick jamie davis '14 jamie goodin jamie small '81 jan hathorn jan hawthorn jan hawthorne athletic director jane jane ledlie batcheller '04 jane mcdonald janet mayo janetikeda january january 19 2016 japan japanese jarrard jasmine jasmine brooks '15l jason morgan '17 jason rodocker jay krishnan jay morgan jazensemble jazz jazz ensemble jazzensemble jeff jeff deboer 81l jeff hanna jeff kosky jeff marks on left jeff stickley jeffbarnett jeffersonstreet jeffrahl jeffrey jeneferdavies jenna faude '16 jenna troderman '19 jennifer kelley jenny jenny bealle '17 jenny davies jennydavidson jeremy franklin '04 jerry quinlan '76 '79l jersey jerseys jess castelo '18 jessica willet executive director of communications and public affairs jessica willett jessie mann '04 jew jewelry jewishstudies jim jim baldwin '83 jim crytzer '77 jim farrar jim farrar '74 jim farrar '74 secretary of the board and senior assistant to the president jim goodwin jim humphries '66 '69l jim kahn jim lawson '77 jimmy carter jimmy dugan '17 jimwarren jinae jmhall jo and james ballengee professor of english joan joan millon administrative assistant in the department of journalism and mass communications joan shaughnessy joanshaughnessy jockey john jody allen joe dashiell '80 middle joe perrelli '17 joe wu '16 john john and anne wilson hall john case '86 john dean john dunne john ebner '91 john elrod commons john evans john f. hendon professor of economics john f. hendon professor of economics jim kahn john friedrich john friedrichs john gunn '45 john jensen '01 john jensen '01 associate dean of students john jensen '01 director of career development associate dean of students john jensen iii '01 john jufnagel john juneau '18 john kaelin '19 john kelly '66 '69l john lucian smith professor of english john lumberton john robinson's slaves john stephens john t. perry jr. professor of biology john tomlin john watkins john zamoiski '74 johnjennings johnleland johnson johnson lecture series johnson scholar johnsonlectureseries johnsonscholars johnsontheater johntuckerinvitational jon mcdonald jonathan horn jonathan webster joneastwood jones veith '18 jordan cohen '17 interviewing jordan kearns jordan taylor kearns jordan watson '19 jordan's point jorge luis borges joseph ellis josh white '16 joshua journalism journalism department journalism professor adedayo abah journalismcamp journalist jr. '72 plaque ju ju endowment for traditional chinese studies jubilee judaism judge judge evan wallach judge kathleen o'malley judge mary miller johnston '84l judge robert humphreys '72 judge todd hughes judges judy hotchkiss juggling juicyj julie campbell julie cline julie youngman juliecampbell jump jumping june 29 june aprille junior jurgen brauer justice reed left justin park '20 justin tolley ka kade kenlon '17 being interviewed kahena joubert '13 kaine kaiser kalady osowski '19 kamau kamen gallery kamengallery kappa kappa alpha karen karen santana garces '17 karen v. karlamurdock kary karysmout kassie scott '18 kat oakley '19 katharine maus kathekon katherine hodges '16 katherine perry '08 katherinecrowley kathleen kathleen olson kathleen olson janjic kathleenolson kathryn r. and harry j. phillips kathy kathy hendricks kathy phillips katie katie gardner '18 katie mcginnis '16 katie monks '18 katierossi kay jones kayak kayla lorick '19 keen keith duet '90l keller kellerstage kellertheater kellie harra '18 kelly brotzman '95 kelly swanson '16 kelly taffe lynn '04 kelsey durkin '14 kelsey durkin 14 kelsey durkin memorial kelsey goodwin ken ken bollens ken ruscio ken ruscio '76 ken ruscio '76 and george goodwin '39. pwp studio 2012 kendall bernard '19 kenlambert kennedy kenneth kenneth p. ruscio kennon savage mcdonough '89 kenruscio kente kentucky kentuckyderby kerin kerri ritter senior travel and events coordinator williams school kevin crotty kevin katzmann '16 kevin lencioni '19 kevin mannering '10 kevin mcguire '81 kevin mchugh '19 kevin ortiz '16 kevin ortiz 16 kevin remington kevin remington photographer keydets keynote keynote speaker matthew talbert keynote speech keynoteaddress kids kiki spiezio '17 kim ruscio kim rusico kimberly kimberlyjew kimruscio king king's college kip pirkle's class knight poverty conference knoxville koster kristin adams '11 l '51 l audience l'anson lab lab coats labtechnicians lacross lacrosse ladder lamp posts lamps landscape landscaping languageacademy languages laptop laptops lara gass lara gass '14l larry larry and fran peppers room larry boetsch larry boetsch '69 larry boetsch '69 in audience larry peppers larryhurd larrypeppers larrystuart lars svendsen laser tag last lastday latha dawson latkes laughing laura '12 laura jensen '02 laura lemon '16 laura morgan laura stephens '12 laura wang '19 laura wiseman '16 laurabrodie laure laure stevenslubin lauren boetsch mikulsky lauren howard '16 lauren jensen '02 lauren procaccino '17 laurence phillips bragg '98 laurent boetsch laurent boetsch '69 laurent boetsch '69. law law alumni law alumni weekend law award celebration law awards ceremony law class law class 1081 law commencement law commencement 2012 law commencement 2013 law council law council meeting law dean nora demleitner law graduation law library law professor ann massie law professor mark grunewald law professor susan franck law professors law reads panel law reunion law reunions law review law room law school law school commencement law school dean law school law law school lawn law student law students law_faculty_portraits lawalumniweekend lawcommencement lawcouncil lawcouncilpresident lawdean lawlibrary lawn lawprofessor lawprofessors lawrence professor of business administration lawreunion lawschool lawschoollawn lawyers lawyers ally lbgtq lead lead painter and special events logistics leader leaders leadership leadership education and development leaderships leadershipventure leah green leahgreen learning leaves lecture lee lee avenue lee brett '13 lee chapel lee chapel attire lee chapel clock lee chapel door lee chapel front lawn lee chapel hours sign lee chapel reflection lee chapel series lee chapel steps lee chapel tower lee chapell lee day lee gose '15 lee house lee house in the snow lee house lawn lee house yard lee jackson house lee portrait leeavenue leechapel leehapel leehouse leejacksonclassic leejacksonhouse lees left handed legacy legal legally blonde leighannbeaver leighannbeavers leighbeavers leisure len lendon hall '17 lenfest lenfest center lenfestcenter lenny enkhbold '17 lesley lesleywheeler leslie bovay lessons and carols letcheravenue lettersweater levy lew john '58 lewis lewis f. powell lecture lewis hall lewis powell iii '74 lewis whitaker adams professor of accounting lewishall lexco lexington lexington coffee lexington coffee shop lexington community lexington presbyterian church lexingtoncountryclub lexingtontohollywood leybrun leyburn leyburn library leyburnlibrary lgbtq libby owens liberalarts liberty liberty hall liberty hall ruins liberty ruins libertyhall libertyhallfarmhouse libertyhallruins librarian library lieutenant chuck hubbard life lifeguards light end of tunnel lighted tent lighting lights linda roberts '71 lindsay hagerman sibal '05 lindsey award lindsey circle lindsey gilbert '16 lindsey nair lindsey nair right linebacker linedrive lines lip sync lipsynch lisa rodocker lisavinikoor listening little kid little kids little rock littlegenerals littleneck littlerock live live band live music living philosopher living room livingroom liz todd '19 lizzy caldwell 16 lloyd goad loading dock local locy logan wilson '17 logo lollipop london london school of economics fellow longstickmidfielder look a like lord lori owen lorig loss loss 13 to 3 loss to roanoke louise herreshoff lousiville lovesac lower level lt. charles hubbard lt. col. greg hartman of vmi's applied mathematics lucas lucas morel lucasmorel lucy wilkins luecke luke farley luminaries lunar new year lunar new year celebration lunarnewyear lunch luncheon luncheon chavis room lychee lying down lykes atrium lykesatrium lynch lynchburg lynne adrine lynnleech m.d. mac mccoy '81 mac strehler '17 mace machines mack squires '70 macy coffey maddy graves '19 maddy graves 19 madison penegar '18 madu madubuko chiedozie '20 mafia track suit magazine magazine cover maggie ackell '16 maggie crowell '19 maggie glaze '16 maggie ma '18 maggie waxter '17 mail main desk main level main street mainfloor mainframe mainstreet maintenance makayla lorick '19 making wl symbol male male walking males mamagement coordinator management manager copying services manager law classroom technology manager of administrative operations map map donor peter agelasto '62 map expert henry taliaferro mapping maps mara tynan '18 marc conner marcconner march marcia france margaret beck pritchard of colonial williamsburg foundation margaret samdal marguerite lenfest maria maria jose bustamante '18 marie haab 16l mariel potter marielle lafaire '16 marin marine marines mario barnes mario röllig mark mark miller mark rush mark short '92 markdrumbl marketing marketplace markgrunewald markowitz markrush marquita dunn marquita p. dunn marshal marshmallows martha martha evans martinlutherkingjr marty essen marty st. george mary hampton mcneal '19 mary moody northen mary natkin mary staunton smith '91 mary washington mary webster mary woodson maryanne simurda maryannesimurda mason mason billings '17 mason grist '18 mason taylor new room masons masontyler masontylernewroom master class math math honors society mathematics matriculation matriculationbook matt matt cole '71 matt dugan '01 matt gilder matt ruscio matt wasson '17 mattingly mattingly house mattinglyhouse matttuchler maura cullen maury maury river mauryriver max shapira '65 max stanley 16 play maya epelbaum '16 mayer mayock mayor maze mazviita chirimuuta mc mc greenleaf mccarthy gallery mcgarry mckenna johnston '18 meal media media ethics institute meera kumar '16 meetandgreet meeting meganfulcher meghan hayde bollens '04 melina melina bell associate professor of philosophy and law melina knabe '17 melina knabe 17 melinabell melissa melissa coggins '16 melissa kerin melissa lane melissakerin mellon seminar on human rights in africa member memorial memorial service memories memory men's basketball men's lacrosse men's soccer men's swimming men'scrosscountry men'ssoccer mens basketball mens lacrosse mensbasketball menscrosscountry menslacrosse menssoccer mensswimming menstennis menstrack menstrackandfield merchant messaien mic michael adams '19 michael kimmel michael rhodes michaelanderson michaellaughy michelle dreimann '20 microphone microscope mics middleeaststudies midfielder midfielder andrew riehl '16 midfielder haley tucker '19 midfielder hollis tardy '17 midfielder joe perrella '17 midfielder olivia sisson '17 midnight midnightbreakfast midnightmayhem mike mike farrell mike mcgarry '87 mike orrison mike walsh mike walsh former athletic director mikki brock mildred lee miles miley military miller millhiser millhiser moot court room millhisermootcourtroom millon mimi elrod mindbending minks minoritystudentassociation miranda miriamcarlson misfit economy misty mitchell brister '16 mitchell hornsby '19 mizzou mock mock con mockcon mockconvention mockintervie mockinterview models moderator mollica molly myers molly ungrady '16 mom money matters mono montessori montrose grandberry monument moon moot morel morgan dougherty '19 morning morris professor of romance languages domnica radulescu morris trimmer morrishouse morse tamara '12 mortar mortar board moryan claire '12 mother motto mountain mountain view elementary school mountains move move in day move_in movein moveinday moving mowing msa mud center mudd mudd center mudd series mudd undergraduate ethics conference muddcenter mulch multicultural multiculturalnetworkingsymposium multimedia muse museum museum collections coordinator kyra swanson music musical musician musicians mustache muther hanna '11 muzzle mvp my wl myers myths n.frank ukadike nabors nabors service day naborsserviceday nadia nadia ayoub nadia ayoub's class nadiaayoub nadine station name badge name is free spirit name tag named classroom namesake namesake room nan partlett nap naptime nashville nataliestier natatorium nateleath nathanialgoldberg nathaniel purdy '16 nathanielgoldberg national coalition for the homeless nationalanthem nations naturalbridge nature nature's colors nautre ncaa ncaa tournament negotiations neil millhiser '11l nell irvin painter nelson o' bryan nelson o'bryan nelson street nelsonstreet networking new book new employees new faculty members new initiate new jersey new members new student new student housing new trustees new york new york times newcomb newcomb hall newcombhall newhouse school of public communications at syracuse university news news office news reporters shot on live tv newspaper newterm nfl commissioner roger goodell nico prucha nicole austinhillery nicole hartless nigeria night no jacket no leaves on tree no shoes nolan schulmeyer '17 nonwesternart noon nora north america north jefferson street northen northen auditorium northenauditorium northern auditorium northernauditorium norwegian philosopher notebook notes notetaking npr ntelos nutrition ny nyu nyu law school's center for justice o'bryan o'dell oath oath of office oathofoffice oathofoffics obelisk obesity october 2015 october 9 october 9 2015 october 9 2105 odac odac champions 2016 odac finals odac title odacchampions odacs odk odk circle odkcircle of of georgetown university of west virginia university off campus off campus debut offense office office of diversity and inclusion office of diversity and inclusion's parents dinner office of the dean of the college official ohio old courthouse old fashioned band party old fashioned band party. ruth caldwell runberg '01 old george old george hands oldfashioned oldgeorge olivia shaves '17 olivia sisson '17 olivia stoffel '19 olson olympic olympic champion olympics omicron omicron delta kappa omicrondeltakappa on air on cell phone on my honor one person work open air waves open airwaves open house open mic openhouse opening opening assembly opening round openingassembly operetta orchestra order of the coif orderofthecoif organ organizer organizers orientation origami original ornaments oustiside outdoor outfielder outgoing alumni association president outing outing club outing club book outing club office outing club room outing club sticker outing club tee outingclub outplankroad outreach outside outside class outside classroom outside dining outside luncheon outstanding alumnus outstanding law alumnus over shenandoah overtime overview owl owriegel oxford university paac packs paddle board paint brush paintball painter painting painting studio paintings palet pam pam luecke pam white '77l pamela findlay women's assistant basketball coach pamela h. simpson professor of art pamluecke panel panel discussion panel wl alumni panelist panelists panelonhonor panhellenic panoramic paper papers paqui toscano '16 paqui toscano '17 parade parent parent's dinner parents parents and family weekend parents council parents weekend parentsweekend paris attacks parking parking garage parkingarea parkingdeck parkinggarage parkinglot parmly parmly hall parmlyhall party pass passes past ____ past associate director pat pat hobbs pat larew patio patricia kelley patrick patrick barry '17 patrick clossin patrick hinely 73 patrick robinson '81 patriotism paul paul ryan paul youngman paul youngman '87 paul youngman '87 professor of german paulyoungman pavement pavilion pavillion paving stones payne payne hall paynehall peace sign pedestrian way peercounselor peerediting pen penal systems pencil pennstate pensive peppers perfect season performance performers performing performs period dress personnel chair tucker pribor persuasion pete ___ pete hendricks '66 petehendricks peter strohm '68 peterson center phi phi beta kappa phi beta kappa convocation phibetakappa phil norwood phil norwood '69 phil norwood 69 philadelphia philosophy phone phones photo backdrop photo bomb by tom lovell '91 photo booth photo by bailey russell '16 photo by diana banks '17 photo by donna uffelman photo by zebrine egerton maloy '18 photo credit kelly massa photography photo props photographer photographer bottom left photographer kevin remington photographers photographs photography photography exhibition physical plant physics physics and engineering department physicsfest pi mu epsilon piano pickett picnic pie eating pieces piecesofthepuzzle pies pika ghosh pine tree pink pink balloons pink skirt pinnacles piranian pitcher pitching pizza plankroad planting plants plaque play playeroftheyear playing playing in snow playwright plaza pledge pledge book pledges pleva podium poet poet megan falley poet olivia gatwood poetry poets poinsettia polevault police car policing in america politicalscience politics polls polo pont pool porch portrait posed poses positioncamp possum crossing postcard postcards poster poster session posters potd poverty practice prayer pre game pre orientation pree ray preorientation preparation preparations preparing presdient ken ruscio '76 presentatin presentation presentations presenters president president elect president ken ruscio president ken ruscio '76 president ken ruscio 76 president ken rusico '76 president kim ruscio '76 president ruscio '76 president's office president's office in mattingly house president's society president's welcome presidential degree presidential search presidential search committee presidentialgala presidentssociety presides press conference press onference pressurewashing prevention pride princeton university princetonuniversity print making class printmaking privilege prizes procession processional proctor professor professor and associate dean of the law school professor angela smith professor angie smith professor art goldsmith professor ayanna thompson professor chemistry professor deborah miranda professor ed adams professor holt merchant '61 professor larry hurd professor lisa greer professor of art and artistinresidence professor of art emeritus professor of art larry stene professor of biology professor of business administration professor of chemistry professor of chemistry and associate dean of the college marcia france professor of cultural anthropology sascha goluboff professor of economics professor of economics mike sitka professor of english professor of english emeritus professor of english hank dobin professor of geology professor of german professor of government and director of the edmond j. safra center for ethics professor of history ted delaney professor of journalism toni locy professor of law denis brion professor of law emeritus professor of law emeritus lash larue '59 professor of law sally wiant '73 professor of mathematics professor of music gordon spice professor of politics tyler dickovick professor of religion professor of romance languages professor of romance languages cecile westsettle professor of romance languages larry boetsch '69 professor of sociology professor of spanish professor ted delaney '85 professors program programs project projection projects engineer promiseforkelsey proposal prospectivestudents provost provost bob strong provost elizabeth knapp proximity hotel psychologist psychology public public historian and actor willie balderson public relations public safety publicsafety pulitzer prize pulitzer prize winner pulitzerprize pumpkins punch punch bowl purdy '16 purple puzzle quad quarterfinals queen quentin skinner questioning passion questioning passion series questions quiana mckenzie '08 quote quotes qwirkle r.e. lee church r.t. smith rabbi races rachana ghimire '17 rachel adatto rachel hicks '19 rachel hodge '16 rachel lewis rachel randolph '18 rachel solomom '16 radio radio board radio show radulescu rain rainboots rainbow rainbows rainjacket raised rally ralston hartness '18 ralston hartnett '18 rana randolph college randolph college invitational randolph hare randolph macon raphine rapper raquel alexander ray welder '91 re enactor readers reading reading room readingdays readingroom reads real estate forum realbeauty realestate rebecca bakare '19 rebecca c. harris cannan term associate professor of politics grey pants rebecca dunn '16 rebeccaharris rebuilding bridge reception receptionist receptions recipient recipients recognition records recreation rector rector don childress '70 rector of the board of trustees recumbent recumbent lee recycle red red bows red cross red curtain red ribbon redbook redbuds redcross redenbaugh associate professor of economics tim diette reeves center reeves center collection reevescenter refinished reflection reflections reflectionsdinner reggie aggarwal '94 reggie aggarwal '94l registrar registration regrets rehearsal reid reid hall reidhall relax relaxed relaxing relay release religion remarks remembrance remnants reneepratt rennovation renovated colonnade renovation renovation wall renovations rep. bob goodlatte '77l rvaat podium rep. joe wilson '69 rsc repair replica repointing brick republican research research into legal education in india researcher researchhelp residence residence halls residence life residencehalls residencelife resident adviser resident adviser tanner waggoner '16 residentadvisor residentialadvisor residentialadvisors residents resource center resources restaurateur restoration retired retired english professor john evans retired judge john hargrove '76 retired politics professor delos hughes retired professor john jennings '56 retired professor of english retired treasurer ___ retired vice president for advancement farris hotchkiss '58 retired virginia supreme court justice john charles thomas retiree retirees retirement retiring retiring director of public safety mike young retiring faculty retiring trustee harry phillips 72 retiring vice president for admissions and financial aid retzloff reunion reunion committee reunion committee member reunion weekend reunions reunionweekend reusable reveal reynolds visiting professor rhodes ribbon ribbon cutting ribboncutting ricearoundtheworld rich redfoot '89 richard sessoms richardapetersoncenter richardmarks richardson rick jones '74 rickpeterson riding ring rissie murphy river rivernorthdancecompany roadwork roanoke roanoke college rob fure rob humphreys '14 17l rob jones '17 rob lindsey '76 all american rob mish '76 rob straughan robbie day'12 robert c. vaughan iii '66 robert e lee robert e. lee portrait robert e. r. huntley '50 '57l robert frank robert koch robert lindsey robert o. and elizabeth m. bentley musical robert strong robertelee roberteleehotel roberthumston robinson robinson hall robinson halll robinsonhall robinsonhalldig rockbridge rockbridge county rockbridge vineyards rockbridgecounty rockbridgereport rocketpropulsion rocking chair rocking chairs rocks rod rod smith rodgers and hammerstein roevwade roger roger mudd '50 roger mudd center for ethics roger mudd professor of ethics angie smith rogercrockett rogers crain '75 romancelanguages ron ron fuchs roofline rookie of the year room roommates roomsetup root lecture roses rosh hashanah roshhashanah rossroad rotunda round bales route route 11 route 251 route 60 route60 rowan taylor 89 royalty ruf rugby ruins rules run run for cancer runforthelaw runlikeagirl runners running running on campus ruscio rush russ russ watkins russia after gorbachev russian rutgers university ruth huffman ruth parmly professor of psychology tyler lorig ryan weston '17 sabu safety sage timberline '15 sail salem sally platt sally richmond sally stone richmond sally want '73 law professor sam sam calhoun sam childress sam childress '19 sam dardani '18 sam fluoresce '15 sam hollis '51 sandy oconnell sanskirt santa santa hat sara sara dotter '18 sara holland '17 sara sprenkle sarah sarah agnew '16 sarah helms '15 sarah hughes sarah tschiggfrie sarah wagner '17 saturday sax say thanks say thanks week schafer wymond vmi '16 scholars scholarship school school of law school spirit schoolspirit schoolsupplies schuyler rideout '91 schwartz science science center science society and the arts sciencecenter scissors score scoreboard scored scoring scott scott beebe scott dittman scott hoover scott mcclintock '12 scott pittman screamingminks screen scrimmage scrum sculpture seasonal seasonal decor seasonal offerings secondbase secondbaseman secretary of the university secrets securitiesandexchangecommission security guard selfie seller semifinals seminal seminar sen. john w. warner '49 senator senator john warner '49 senior senior assistant senior assistant director of financial aid senior assistant to the president senior cook hannah glick senior correspondent senior library assistant wendy richards center senior night senior project manager senior soiree senior writer in the office of communications and public affairs seniors september september11 service service dog service dog winslow serviceday services servie serving session set set up seth cantey seth cantey red sweater setups sewanee shadows shag week shakespeare shakespeare 2016 shakespeare england exhibition shakespeare garden shakespeare's kings shakespearean feast shane shane lynch shane siebken '17 shanelynch shannon brownlee sharon shaun soman '17 shaved head shawn wert brokos '91 shay sheep skin shelbi hendricks '16 shelly millhiser shenandoah shenandoah editor shenendoah shep rouse '76 shepherd shepherd higher education consortium on poverty shepherd higher education consortium on poverty shecp and fletcher otey thomas professor of religion shepherd poverty program shepherd program celebration shepherdpovertyprogram shepherdprogram shihualu shiny shirts shoes shop shopping shorts shortstop shot show siblings sidewalk sidewalks sidney sidney evans sidney gause childress proessor of art history sidney sullivan award sidneyevans sigma nu sigma pi sigma sign signage signature signatures signing signing honor book signing the honor book signs silver gavel simon simonlevy simpson lecturer singers singing sitting of court skeleton sketchbook skit sky slaves slaves' names sledding sleep sleeping sliding smiles smith smitka smout snacks snow snowballfight snowday snowflakes snowman soccer social social innovation social innovation initiative society sociology socks sod sodalis sofa soil soiree solar solar energy solar panels solarenergy solarpanels solo soloists son sonnymoon for two sonoklect sonsofbill sophomores sororities sorority sound board soup soup sale souper souper bowl souperbowl south main street southern inn southern virginia souvenir spanish sparkler sparks speaekers speak speak day speak like a girl speak shirts speaker speaker vivian schiller speakeres speakers speaking speaking about contemporary arifican film speaking tradition speaks special special assistant to the president bill hartog special event special programs specialcollections spectrographic speech speed skater speedinterviewing spencer spencer borwick '18 spice spider sponsored sports journalist sports weekly spouses spreading sprenkle spring spring blooms spring concert spring day spring flowers spring speaker spring term spring tree springoption springterm springtime sprinkler squash squassoni ssa ssa 2009 ssa 3 stachouse theater stackhouse stackhouse theater stackhousetheater stacy lindsey stadium staff staff of staffdevelopment stage stainar gallery stainer gallery stair guards staircase stairs stairway standing ovation stanford staniar staniar gallery staniargallery stankentoncentennial star starbucks staring starr stars statdelegations statedelegations stateoftheuniversity statue steakhouse auditorium steakhouse theater steamroller steel steele burrow steeple steinheimer foyer stemmons stemmons plaza stemmons plaze stemmonsplaza stephanie foster '16 stephen himmelberg '17 stephen philipsson '01 stephen rowley '16 stephen wilson stephens stephens family stephens professor of economics art goldsmith steps steps of doremus gymnasium steps of lee chapel steve steve mcallister steven yeung '17 stevenslubin stevie hostetter stevie hostetter hat stevie hostetter on ground hat stewart cory '15 stickers stonemason stonewall jackson cemetery store storm storminnormanlord storyteller storytelling stough street street signs stress strings stroller stuart gray student student association for black unity ball student bar association faculty award student body president nathan kelly '14 student housing student life student notes colloquium student rally student's student_activities studentactivitiespavilion studenthealth studentlife students students against rockbridge area hunger students' students_on_campus students_studying studies studio studioart study abroad fair studyabroad studyabroad presentation studygroup studying stuyding success suckers sukow sullivan award sullivan award winner sumer summer summer 2014 part 1 summer ireland '15 summer research summerrenaultsteele summerresearch summersalads summit sun sunday sunglasses sunlight sunning sunny sunrise sunset suny superstition support surprise survivalskills susan cross susan james susandixon susanna johnson '06 sushi susie thompson sustainability suzanne suzanne 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hurst '17 ted martin '80 teddelaney teddy tees telford science library tennis tennis courts tent tents terance fowler '91 term term professorship terrace terrybosbein tessa hill '19 tessa rajak test tex lex texas texas dallas texlex thanksgiving thanksgiving dinner thankyous the 1749 circle the aleph the anti headache machine the bluegrass ensemble the boys in the boat the colonnade the entrepreneurship summit the future of higher education in america the honor system the honorable walt kelley '77 the jo m. and jame m. ballangee professor of english the jo m. and james m. ballangee professor of english honorary degree recipient robert c. vaughan iii '66 the media ethics institute keynote speaker the palms the pledge the pledge on wall the villages the vosbein magee big band the white book theater their children themarshallfoundation themightygenerals thenewyorker theology thesis theta think think fast thinkfast thinking thinkpink third year housing third year pledge thirdyearlaw thomas 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